Spartan 730IS Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

The SpartanTM Instrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter Model 730IS is designed to safely make noise exposure measurements, even for workers in explosive environments, such as those found in the petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Simple design and intuitive setup make getting worker noise dose measurements easy and fast. With Spartan-IS, control test setup and measurements either on the device itself or directly from the Larson Davis AtlasTM mobile app. All essential tasks can be completed from your iOS® or Android® device.

LD Atlas offers interference-free monitoring using low-energy Bluetooth, ensuring that you get the valuable data you need the first time. When a test is complete, Spartan-IS communicates with LD Atlas to download the data, which is viewable directly from a phone or tablet. Generate reports, including the full data file, from the mobile interface before sharing via email. For high security, radio-free zones, option 730-NBT without Bluetooth is available and allows setup and data download through G4 LD Utility software via a USB connection.

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Intrinsic Safety Ratings / Markings
ATEX / IECEx II 1G Ex ia IIC T165 °C Ga
I 1M Ex ia I Ma
IECEx ETL 19.0045X
-10 °C ≤ TAMB ≤ +50 °C
USA / CAN Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC
T165 °C Ga
Class I, Division 1
Groups A, B, C & D, T165 °C
-10 °C ≤ TAMB ≤ +50 ºC
ATEX, UL 913, IECEx, FCC, CAN/CSA C22.2 approved
Wireless operation, charging, and Bluetooth low-energy communication (available without Bluetooth for radio-free zones)
Full control and live monitoring via LD Atlas app
Download and view measurements, generate reports, and share annotated data from the app
Built-in bump and motion detection
Automatic dosimeter calibration
Optional Event Sound Recording (730-ESR)
Optional 1/1 Octave filters (730-OB1)
Worker noise exposure measurements
Risk mitigation studies
Measuring for Compliance to OSHA, ACGIH, ISO 9612, and EU Directive 2003/10/EC

To begin testing, simply remove the dosimeters from their rugged case and attach them to workers' clothing. After a shift, place the dosimeters back in the case where they will charge and the data can be downloaded. Built-in measurement of motion and bumps, combined with the optional event audio recordings and 1/1 Octave frequency analysis, provide additional data that helps you understand what caused the noise.

The G4 LD Utility software offers another option for control of your testing. With all the functionality of the LD Atlas mobile app, G4 LD Utility adds the ability to complete “what-if” analysis to model potential changes and determine the impact of different data selections.

Spartan Kits offer you options from a single noise dosimeter to a set of ten. Each kit comes in a rugged case, ideal for carrying meters into the field. Once your work is complete, simply pack away your dosimeters and move to the next test site. Kits come in one‐, three‐, five‐, and ten‐meter configurations.

*May require intrinsically safe mobile device

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