Portible Audiometer Calibration System

The new SoundAdvisor Audiometer Calibration System AudCal is a field-ready solution for fast, comprehensive audiometer calibration. The system combines the power and versatility of the SoundAdvisor Model 831C sound level meter with the accessibility and functionality of the LD G4 Utility Software. AudCal works seamlessly with a tablet for both testing and data collection–no PC is required. Artificial ear couplers and mastoids are available to simplify the challenge of interfacing with a wide variety of audiometer transducers.

AudCal creates a complete, portable audiometer test and calibration solution. Access the meter on a PC or through the app on your mobile device to setup and run the full suite of tests with ease. Measurement capabilities include frequency, hearing level, FM, and pulse. Narrowband FFT and real time 1/3 octave analysis make measurements such as total harmonic distortion (THD) and ambient noise easy and accurate.

After completing the test suite, generate a test report and certificate that details the pass/fail, and parameters of each test. Test reports can be exported as a PDF that can be printed, shared, and saved.

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Test Functions
Signal distortion
Hearing level
Pulsed signals
Speech signals
Frequency modulation (FM)
Narrowband noise level
Broadband noise level
Sound booth noise levels
Cross-talk and on/off ratio
For All Your Transducers test virtually every device including supra-aural & circumaural headsets, bone vibrators, insert earphones, speakers, and sound booths.
Couplers to Simplify artificial ear couplers and accessories including AEC201-A “318” ear simulator, AEC100 “NBS 9/A” coupler, AMC493B artificial mastoid, and AEC304 occluded ear simulator
Qualify Booths audiometric booth ambient noise with real-time 1/3 octave analysis and fast pass/fail results
Store and Recall Tests the AudCal system offers comprehensive search capabilities of previous tests
AudCal Software
Intuitive Software AudCal Software leads you through each step with automatic detection of signals using four different standards including ANSI S3.6 (2010) and IEC 60645 (2017)
Mobile Connectivity setup, control, and run your test from a mobile device using the AudCal app available for both iOS and Android
Automatic Corrections the AudCal Software corrects for reference equivalent threshold for sound pressure levels (RETSPL) for microphones and couplers as well as other response adjustments
Real-time Adjustments perform level and frequency adjustments during audiometer tests
Reports are Easy print, email, share, or store reports and certificates for your client or your archives

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