Rental Equipment

Noise Loggers & Sound Level Meters for Hire

Noise Measurement Services (NMS) has an extensive range of sound level meters and loggers available for short and long-term hire. All sound level meters and calibrators hold current NATA calibration certificates.

Prices are excluding GST; special weekly rates are available for dosimeters only. A monthly hire is considered to be 30 days. A deposit and/or freight may be charged before an instrument is delivered to the Hirer. All hire fees are payable in advance unless otherwise arranged and agreed. Insurance for loss or damage to instruments while in the Hirer's care is to be arranged by the Hirer and should provide cover up to 200 times the daily hire. The replacement or repair of damaged equipment will be billed to the Hirer along with re-certification costs.

Sound Level Meters / Noise Loggers Hire Fee $AUD (excl. GST)
Larson Davis NMS044 remote noise logging station including solar power, 4G connectivity and self-calibrating microphone system (PDF Manual). $180.00 / day
$3600.00 / month
Larson Davis 831 Class 1 sound level meter / noise logger with statistical functions, real time third octave band analysis, time history, event logging and sound recording (PDF Manual). $90.00 / day
$1800.00 / month
Larson Davis 831 Class 1 sound level meter with FFT and RT60 for room acoustics (PDF Manual). $120.00 / day
$2400.00 / month
Rion NL-21 Class 2 Leq and Ln noise logger / sound level meter - also records C-weighted Peak for occupational surveys (PDF Manual). $45.00 / day
$900.00 / month
Audiometer Calibration System
Larson Davis AudCal SYS017 audiometer calibration system including 831C sound level meter with AudCal firmware, and couplers for circum-aural, supra-aural, and bone vibrator transducers (PDF Manual). $280.00 / day
$5600.00 / month
Noise Dosimeters
Larson Davis Spartan 730 Noise Dosimeters - Kit of 5 dosimeters and accessories (PDF Manual). $200.00 / day
$600.00 / week
$2400.00 / month
Larson Davis Spartan 730 Noise Dosimeters - Kit with 1 dosimeter and accessories (PDF Manual). $60.00 / day
$180.00 / week
$720.00 / month
Vibration Meters
Larson Davis HVM200 Human Vibration Meter with Hand-Arm and Whole-Body sensors (PDF Manual). $90.00 / day
$1800.00 / month
Calibrator, single range $20.00 / day
$400.00 / month
Steel Security Case $5.00 / day
$100.00 / month
Chain and Padlock set $5.00 / day
$100.00 / month