Environmental Services

Noise Measurement Services together with McLennan & Associates offer Environmental Management services which aim to manage and minimise the potential and real impacts of businesses, industry and the community on the environment. An assessment of potential impacts should be undertaken before determining the most suitable course of action. Monitoring of environmental impacts may also be required for legal reasons, to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Why choose environmental monitoring services from us?

We can provide you with environmental monitoring services which will help you to:

  • Quantify accurately potential impacts of your activities on the environment
  • Provide management advice for environmental impacts
  • Manage environmental risks

Analysis and quality-assured data from an experienced practitioner

We have industry experience in the design and field operations for complex sampling and measurement operations, the installation of monitoring systems and auditing of worksites for environmental compliance. We utilise NATA accredited laboratories and provides quality control checks of laboratory data for air, soil or water.

We will work with you to determine exactly what is required to be monitored and provide the most suitable and cost efficient environmental monitoring.


Environmental Monitoring

  • Dust monitoring
  • Air monitoring
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Surface and groundwater
  • Soil

Environmental Management

  • Licence requirements
  • EMS Audits
  • Baseline assessments

Environmental Consulting

  • Expert advice for your environmental needs
  • EIA investigations
  • Construction and operating enviromnetal management plan

water sampling
water sampling
water sampling
water sampling