Noise Measurement Services are proud to be the new home of Larson Davis sound and vibration products in Australia.

Monitor Environmental Noise with the Larson Davis 831C, with wireless and remote system capability.

Measure Occupational Noise with the Larson Davis LxT and the new Spartan wireless dosimeter.

Perform Portable Audiometer Calibration, investigate Building Acoustics and measure Human Vibration with our extensive range of high precision equipment.

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Environmental Noise Monitoring

Permanent, Long-term Noise Monitoring SoundAdvisor Model NMS045
Model NMS045 delivers 24/7 connectivity, continuous power capabilities, and a rugged design to simplify your long-term testing. Encased in a fiberglass enclosure, NMS045 is mounted to a permanently placed pole.
  • 24/7 network access
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • AC or solar power options
  • Email and text alerts of exceedances
Portable, Short-term Noise Monitoring SoundAdvisor Model NMS044
Model NMS044, similar to Model NMS045, is a completely wireless solution designed to run indefinitely on solar power, allowing you to take measurements and view them 24/7. A rugged case houses the system making it an ideal solution for remote noise monitoring.
  • 24/7 network access
  • Easy deployment in the field
  • Solar power options
  • Real-time alerts
Handheld, Attended Monitoring SoundAdvisor Model 831C
Model 831C delivers connectivity, extensive software features, and small form factor, making it ideal for handheld operation. Control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface.
  • Flexibility for integration
  • Customizable by application
  • Easy setup and data download
Basic Portable Noise Monitoring SoundExpert Model LxT
SoundExpert Model LxT offers basic functionality for short-term monitoring. Deploy the system and operate on battery power for up to two weeks before retrieving and downloading measurement data. The system does not offer 24/7 access to measurements or real-time alerts.
  • Two weeks continuous battery power
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable, entry-level system

Occupational Noise and Industrial Hygiene

Workplace Sound Level Meter SoundTrack LxT®
  • Extremely rugged – compact and lightweight
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Real-time octave bands (optional)
  • Real-time 1/3-octave bands (optional)
  • Digital voice annotation (optional)
Advanced Acoustics SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C
  • Noise control engineering
  • Community noise
  • Noise source identification
  • Traffic noise
Noise Dosimeter Spartan™ Noise Dosimeter Model 730
  • Wireless operation, data download, and charging
  • Control tests and generate reports via LD Atlas™ mobile app
  • International guideline compliance
  • Built-in bump and motion detection for accurate data
  • Intrinsically Safe version coming soon
Human Vibration Meter Model HVM200
  • Hand-arm per ISO 5349 / ANSI 2.70
  • Whole-body per ISO 2631
  • Glove transmissibility
  • Meets ISO criteria/EU directives
  • Complete with ergonomically designed mounting adaptors and application optimized accelerometers
  • Works with HVManager™ software to compile and report exposure risk
Software Solution Blaze® Software
  • Supports SoundTrack LxT®, HVM, and Spark® data logging products
  • Creates and stores multiple test set-up parameters
  • Generates reports and graphs of measured data
  • Unlimited licensing per site

Building Acoustics

Measurements to evaluate and improve Building Acoustics are typically made to analyze and design noise control from room to room, or from outside to inside. Noise sources such as music systems, televisions, appliances, traffic, aircraft, and manufacturing are all around us. The field of Building Acoustics evaluates and designs the materials and methods to insulate and isolate us all from these sound sources when we are at work, rest, or enjoying leisure time. The resulting data is useful for evaluating compliance with building codes and for proposing countermeasures for areas of concern. These measurements often involve creating and measuring an artificial sound source, and then measuring the resulting noise in receiver locations.

Larson Davis offers the sound source equipment, the sound level meters to record the source and receiver locations, and the software to calculate and report important metrics.

Room Acoustics

In the field of Room Acoustics measurements are made to help determine how sound is created, propagated, absorbed, and heard by and audience in and enclosed space. This enclosed space can be houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, workshops, factory halls, lecture rooms, auditoriums, concert halls, transportation terminals, etc. Generally these measurements are made to provide information about how the quality of the sound as perceived by the audience.

Reverberation Time is the single most important parameter used to describe Room Acoustics. However, parameters describing music quality, speech intelligibility, and frequency based performance are also important.

Sound Level Meter photo of Model 831 Model 831
  • Reverberation time measurement and building acoustics
  • Tonality
  • Real-time octave bands (optional)
  • Real-time 1/3-octave bands (optional)
  • User programmable run modes
Sound Sources Photo of BAS001 Available sound sources:
  • Omnidirectional Sound Source (BAS001)
  • Directional Sound Source (BAS003)
  • Tapping Machine (BAS004)
  • Impulsive Source (BAS006)
DNA Software DNA software logo DNA Features:
  • setup and control of Larson Davis Models 831, SoundTrack LxT, HVM100, 720, 812, 820, 824, 2900B, & 3000+.
  • Multiple live data displays on the PC screen
  • Stream data directly from analyzer to PC hard drive, including sound files
  • Read stored data files from analyzer or disk
  • Create report templates for easy graphing and printing
  • Organize templates, graphics, and measurements for easy recall
  • Reports can integrate text, graphics, pictures, or embedded objects (OLE 2.0) such as MS Word, MS Excel and .WAV files
  • Graph 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 octave, FFT and zoom FFT, SLM parameters; statistical distribution and more!
  • Cursor synchronization between different types of graphics with drag and drop functionality for use in a wide variety of applications

Portable Audiometer Calibration System

The new SoundAdvisor Audiometer Calibration System AudCal is a field-ready solution for fast, comprehensive audiometer calibration. The system combines the power and versatility of the SoundAdvisor Model 831C sound level meter with the accessibility and functionality of the LD G4 Utility Software. AudCal works seamlessly with a tablet for both testing and data collection–no PC is required. Artificial ear couplers and mastoids are available to simplify the challenge of interfacing with a wide variety of audiometer transducers.

AudCal creates a complete, portable audiometer test and calibration solution. Access the meter on a PC or through the app on your mobile device to setup and run the full suite of tests with ease. Measurement capabilities include frequency, hearing level, FM, and pulse. Narrowband FFT and real time 1/3 octave analysis make measurements such as total harmonic distortion (THD) and ambient noise easy and accurate.

After completing the test suite, generate a test report and certificate that details the pass/fail, and parameters of each test. Test reports can be exported as a PDF that can be printed, shared, and saved.

Test for These Functions

  • Signal distortion
  • Frequency
  • Hearing level
  • Linearity
  • Pulsed signals
  • Speech signals
  • Frequency modulation (FM)
  • Narrowband noise level
  • Broadband noise level
  • Sound booth noise levels
  • Cross-talk and on/off ratio

For All Your Transducers – test virtually every device including supra-aural & circumaural headsets, bone vibrators, insert earphones, speakers, and sound booths

Couplers to Simplify – artificial ear couplers and accessories including AEC201-A “318” ear simulator, AEC100 “NBS 9/A” coupler, AMC493B artificial mastoid, and AEC304 occluded ear simulator

Qualify Booths – audiometric booth ambient noise with real-time 1/3 octave analysis and fast pass/fail results

Store and Recall Tests – the AudCal system offers comprehensive search capabilities of previous tests

Simplify your testing while collecting, analyzing, and reporting your data via the AudCal software and/or the app on your tablet or PC:

Intuitive Software – AudCal Software leads you through each step with automatic detection of signals using four different standards including ANSI S3.6 (2010) and IEC 60645 (2017)

Mobile Connectivity – setup, control, and run your test from a mobile device using the AudCal app available for both iOS and Android

Automatic Corrections – the AudCal Software corrects for reference equivalent threshold for sound pressure levels (RETSPL) for microphones and couplers as well as other response adjustments

Real-time Adjustments – perform level and frequency adjustments during audiometer tests

Reports are Easy – print, email, share, or store reports and certificates for your client or your archives

Firmware, Software, & Apps

Bringing You an Audiometric Analyzer

With real-time fractional octave filters, FM and pulse capabilities, plus powerful FFT and narrowband analysis and total harmonic distortion, 831C-AUD creates a fully functional audiometer measurement system.

User Friendly AudCal Software

AudCal software allows you to set up customers and their equipment, run a suite of tests, and generate reports. The software is smart – when you start a new test at an existing location, the software will configure your setup to match what you’ve done before.

Each test displays real-time results on screen, with measured data and standards-defined limits. Retest any failed frequency, level, or function individually during testing. Results are used to generate reports that can be customized with company logo and technician signatures.

Generate a report with all the data as it appears on the test. You can upload a company logo that populates on the test, and for certificates, create a signature that will electronically appear on the signature line of the certificate, making it so digital sharing can be done immediately.

Accessible AudCal App

Download the latest iOS and Android versions of the Larson Davis AudCal app easily online. Connect your device to the 831C WiFi, open the app, then take control of the test environment. See live data, add/edit customers, and progress through the entire test suite. Through your app you can generate reports/certificates, sign them with the touch-screen, and save to your phone or email the PDF.

Human Vibration Measurement

Model HVM200 for Worker Safety & Product Testing

The HVM200 is a small rugged vibration meter with built in Wi-Fi that can be used to measure hand-arm, whole body and general vibration. It includes the metrics and frequency weightings needed to measure human vibration. This 3 channel meter meets the requirements of ISO 8041:2005 and it is designed to measure per ISO 2631-1, 2 & 5 and ISO 5349 in support of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) and the directive 2002/44/EC. This makes the HVM200 an ideal choice for an instrument used to demonstrate compliance with human vibration requirements and regulations worldwide.


  • Control and View Data From a Mobile App
  • Removable Micro SD Memory Card
  • USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi
  • Replaceable Lithium Battery
  • ISO 8041:2005 Compliant
  • Three Measurement Channels


  • Hand-arm Vibration Measurement to ISO 5349
  • Whole Body Vibration Measurement to ISO 2631
  • General Vibration Measurement

Wireless Mobile Interface

Leverage the power of wireless portable electronics to make measuring human vibration easy. Our free app available on Google Play™ and the Apple App Store can be used to improve the way measurements are made by using portable electronics to control the measurement and view data.

1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters (Optional)

Determine the frequency content of measured vibration levels by configuring the HVM200 with the optional IEC 61260 class 1 compliant 1/1 and 1/3 octave filters (0.5 Hz to 2000 Hz and 0.4 Hz to 2500 Hz respectively). Data can then be transferred for reporting or further analysis using USB, Wi-Fi or a removable micro SD memory card.

Record Sampled Time Domain Data (Optional)

Because the HVM200 supports a large removable micro SD memory (up to 32 GB), it is now possible to store and archive the sampled time data for all three channels. Data is stored in a 24-bit format and files can be read with tools such as MATLAB® or GNU Octave for additional processing.

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