The SoundAdvisor Permanent Noise Monitoring System Model NMS045 is available in a variety of configurations to meet your long-term monitoring needs. Model NMS045 shares many of the same benefits as Model NMS044, from 24/7 connectivity to continuous power capabilities, designed to simplify your testing. Now, the key elements of the portable system are available in a permanent setup, encased in a fiberglass enclosure mounted to a permanently placed pole. When you need to monitor the same location long-term, the NMS045 is the right choice for you.

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Measurements Simplified

    • Rugged Reliability – an environmental protected enclosure and durable mounting options create an easy-to-maintain solution for your permanent monitoring
    • Installation Simplicity a range of installation options coupled with a low power design allows you to run your system with a battery charged via a solar panel or through an AC main.
    • Flexible Placement - when AC power isn’t available or is costly to run, remote deployment is simplified with solar powered options.
    • Connectivity is Key - 4G cellular, WiFi, or wired networks allow you to control your meter and view your data from anywhere.


  • Permanent Airport Noise Monitoring – NMS045 allows airports to meet their requirements for long-term noise monitoring, delivering a broad scope of measurement data continuously
  • Long-Term Construction Noise Monitoring – When construction will be a long-term project, NMS045 is a permanent monitoring solution offering durability and protection against vandalism and damage, so your measurements can continue, uninterrupted
  • Permanent City Noise Monitoring – Whether you are monitoring near a bridge, busy street, factory, or nightclub, NMS045 helps you continuously measure noise levels, providing the data to create a more pleasant and ordinance-compliant community

Configurable Options
Power Solar or AC
Battery 1 or 2 batteries (12 V) can be either 45 Ah LiFePo (BAT019-045) or 35 Ah SLA (BAT020-045)
Mounting Tilt-down pole (TR019), wooden pole, or wall
Communication 4G LTE gateway, Ethernet, or WiFi
Weather Sensor Optional wind or full meteorological sensor