SoundExpert LxT Noise Monitoring Kit

The Larson Davis SoundExpert LxT Sound Level Meter is a full-featured meter designed for general product evaluation and noise monitoring applications. SoundExpert LxT comes with a graphic display and a fixed set of firmware options applicable for these applications. It is available as a general hand-held meter or data acquisition tool and also in a short-term noise monitoring kit. The meter expands upon the Larson Davis tradition of delivering value, innovation and function in a rugged, single-handed package, and is backed by our 2-year factory warranty, 24-hour application support, and accredited factory service/calibration.

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SoundExpert LxT Noise Monitoring Kit

In addition to the SoundExpert LxT meter, this kit includes the EPS042 protection case and D-cell battery pack, the EPS2116 microphone protection shroud, and EXC010 10 ft. cable. Using D-cell alkaline batteries, allows the noise monitor to be smaller and lighter; avoid the expense of shipping heavy lead acid batteries and the hassle of recharging. You can transport it easily to your site, deploy it, measure data, retrieve your system, download the data, and issue your report.

Highlights Complete noise measuring system
Weatherpoof, lightweight, compact case (EPS042)
Up to 2 weeks of operations with a D-cell battery pack (BAT015)
Ideal to deploy, measure, download, then analyze
Includes SoundExpert LxT
Applications Mining Operations
Construction Site Noise
Wind Turbine Noise
Entertainment Events
Industrial Operations
Unattended Noise Monitoring
Included Features and Capabilities Real-Time Octave Band Analysis (1/1 & 1/3)
Time History Logging
Community Noise Metrics
2GB Internal Memory
Measurement History
Options Tripod (TRP001)
Class 1 Calibrator (CAL200)
DNA Analysis Software (SWW-DNA)
LxT Driver for DNA (SWW-DNA-LXT)

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