The BAS004* is used to simulate foot fall noise in a manner that is well controlled and reproducible so that measured results can be replicated and compared with other measurements.

Unique to the BAS004 is an innovative method for raising the five “hammers” using an electromagnetic field rather than the traditional motor, gears and cam. This eliminates unwanted vibration and maintenance associated with a motor, gears and cam while producing better measurements with a virtually maintenance free product.

The BAS004 also features a stiff internal frame to keep the product rigid and structurally stable. It also incorporates feet that rotate underneath in order to make it smaller for transportation and packaging.

Combine the BAS004 with the other Larson Davis products for building acoustics to create your measuring solution. Backed by our excellent technical support and our service and calibration facilities, the BAS004 makes an excellent choice for your tapping machine needs.

* Product manufactured by Lookline srl, Italy.

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Use for ISO 10140, ISO 140, DIN 52210, BS 5821, ASTME 492 Measurements
Maintenance Free Design
PTB Type Approved
Battery Operated
Remote Control Included
Building Acoustics
Measuring Impact Sound Level
Measuring Airborne Sound Insulation
Measuring Sound Transmission Loss
Impact Frequency 10 Hz ± 0.01%
Impact Speed 0.886 m/s ± 3%
Operating Temperature -10 to 40°C
Mode AC or DC, switch selectable
AC 230V
DC 25V 5A
Battery NiMH
Battery Run Time 50 minutes, operational
Size (H x W x L) 250 x 120 x 550 mm
Weight 12kg
PTB PTB-1 .71-4040653
Supplied Accessories
BAS004-BAT Battery Pack
BAS004-REM Programmable remote control
  Soft shell transportation case

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BAS004 Brochure
Building Acoustics Configuration Guide
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