The Larson Davis 831C SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter, the most recent platform from LD, provides a powerful, single channel system for a wide variety of tasks, including Environmental Noise, Workplace Noise Safety, and Product Noise Studies.

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Included Support
Local Sales & Support
Noise Measurement Services are located in Brisbane and service Australia for sales and hire of Larson Davis equipment. We have extensive experience in the field of acoustics, and are here to help you select the best equipment for your job.
Complimentary Noise Training
We provide a complimentary Continuing Professional Development module with all instrument purchases. The module is provided by Acoustar, a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in noise training. The module awards 10 CPD points to the participant. Additional CPD and formal noise training is also available.
Complimentary Tech Support
The team at NMS have been using Larson Davis equipment for over a decade, and are always at the end of the line if you need help with your instrument. We can also provide remote assistance via Teamviewer.
Zero Down Time
We understand that 'time is money' and having your instrument out of action for months during repair or calibration is not acceptible. For instruments purchased at NMS, we will provide rental equipment for the duration of your repair or calibration with the rental fees capped at 10 days. (Subject to rental equipment availability).
Trade-in Deals
Larson Davis offer several trade-in and upgrade deals which we are more than happy to honour. We will even go a step further and offer up to 10% off the price of your new instrument when you trade-in virtually comparable product; any brand, working or not!
Local Repair & Calibration
We are authorised repairers of Larson Davis equipment and can perform many repairs in Australia without having to send your equipment overseas. All repairs are undertaken by an experienced technician using genuine parts. We can also arrange NATA calibration for your instruments at a Brisbane calibration laboratory.
Hardware 2GB Internal memory standard, expandable via USB memory stick
120dB Dynamic Range (20 - 140 dB in standard range)
Simultaneous A, C and Z Frequency Weighting
Slow, Fast and Impulse Detection
Over 50 acoustic parameters available to log simultaneously
Microphone extension cabling supported to 61 m/200 ft
Backlit "Quiet Touch" keypad
Backlit LCD color display with full navigation, even while collecting data
Easy, one-handed operation
Over 18 hours of operation using 4 AA lithium batteries
Versatile options include built in digital correction between freefield and random incidence mics
Works with any standard 0V prepolarized condenser microphone
Connectivity Cellular, WiFi, or wired networking
Remote access to download data, update settings, and more
USB 2.0 connections including auxiliary port for GPS, USB storage, modem and more
Useability User selectable multi-parameter Data Logging (as fast as 2.5ms)
Measurement History allows longer term parameters to be stored simultaneously with Data Logging (e.g., Ln and histogram tables)
Exceedance History with programmable length and triggers
Multiple setup configurations can be stored on each meter
G4 Software allows for easy meter setup and data download
Real Time 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Frequency Analysis (*)
Advanced .wav sound recording for sound identification or post-processing (*)
Dynamic Triggering of .wav recording based on varying background level (*)
Accelerometer connectivity/ICP® power for vibration measurements with adaptor (*)
(*) Indicates an available option
Onboard Storage 100 million point Leq Time History (0.1 dB resolution)
30 million 1/1 octave spectra
12 million 1/3 octave spectra
2 million full parameter Time Histories (over 40 sound metrics plus 1/1 and 1/3 Leq, SPL, min and max)
400,000 Standard Measurement Histories (including 1/1, 1/3 octave Leq, max, min, and Ln tables)
330,000 Full Measurement Histories (includes standard plus weather, GPS data, and Spectral Ln tables)
Standards Met 100 million point Leq Time History (0.1 dB resolution)
Standards Met
ANSI S1.4-2014 Class 1 and S1.43-1997 Type 1
S1.11-2014 Class 1, all filters ([)Octave Filter Standards, Option 831C-OB3)
IEC 61672-1 Ed. 2.0 (2013) Class 1, Group X
60651 Ed 1.2 (2001) plus Amendment 1 (1993-02) and Amendment 2 (2000-10) Type 1, Group X
60804 (2000-10) Type 1, Group X
61260 Ed. 2.0 (2014) Class 1, all filters [Octave Filter Standards, Option 831C-OB3]
61010-1 Ed. 3.0 (2010-06) [Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use]
61326-1 Ed. 2.0 (2012-07) and 61672-1 Ed. 2.0 (2013-09) [EMC Immunity and Emission]
2006/95/EC Low Voltage Safety Directive
2004/08/EC EMC Directive
FCC Title 47 CRF Part 15, Class B

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Handheld noise measurements
Workplace / indoor noise measurements
Room acoustics, reverberation time, FFT, etc.
Outdoor logging up to 1 week
Outdoor logging longer than 1 week
831C-LOG: Noise logging with intervals from 20ms to 24hr
831C-OB3: Real-time 1/1 & 1/3 octave filter set
831C-ELA: event, interval and daily histories logging
831C-SR: record compressed and uncompressed audio
831C-MSR: add Measurement History and sound recording
Camera-style tripod for attended noise measurements.
Accessory kit with hardcase, batteries, power supply, WiFi dongle, and windscreen.
Class 1 calibrator.
Basic outdoor weatherproof noise-logging kit.
Outdoor weatherproof noise-logging kit with self-calibrating microphone system, remote access via 4G modem, and indefinite operation with battery and solar panel.