Noise Measurement Services offers acoustic consulting services such as measurement, monitoring, assessing, prediction and reporting of environmental and workplace noise. We also provide a cost-effective, timely and efficient hire department stocked with an extensive range of Sound Level Meters and Noise Loggers.

Noise Measurement, Prediction & Assessment

Noise Measurement Services provide acoustic consulting services for the assessment, management and control of environmental and workplace noise.

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QDC MP4.4 - Transport Noise Assessment

Noise Measurement Services are the leading supplier of noise reports for the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 4.4 (QDC MP4.4).

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We have industry experience with complex sampling and measurement operations, the installation of monitoring systems and auditing of worksites for environmental compliance.

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Equipment Hire

We have an extensive range of sound level meters and loggers available for short and long-term hire.

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Noise Measurement Services are pleased to represent Studio Six Digital in Australia. Purchase S6D hardware from our online store.

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For further information or a formal fee proposal, get in touch with some specific details of your project.

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Some of the latest news and interesting stories from the acoustics industry.

Chris Downey

CHRIS DOWNEY designs spaces unseen (Source: Cos Magazine)

Interview by Ann Friedman, Photography by Martin Klimek

Designers and architects like to say that they’re visual people. But when brain surgery left Chris Downey completely blind in 2008, he refused to walk away from his 20-year career in architecture. Instead, he continued to plan and design buildings and went on to found Architecture for the Blind, a firm that specialises in creating spaces for the visually impaired. As Chris re-encountered his chosen profession without sight, he came to realise how limited his view of architecture had previously been. Now, by prioritising aspects other than visual aesthetics – in particular how buildings feel to the touch – he aims to create more engaging, multi-sensory spaces for everyone. Chris lives and works in San Francisco.

"Visual input can overwhelm the brain. You get so much good, quick information via sight that you don’t always process the other stuff. Now, when I move around, since I have absolutely no sight – no light perception, nothing, and I have absolutely no sense of smell – I’m really focusing on touch and acoustics. I perceive space via my sense of the body in motion, muscle movement and memory."

"I feel like I could do a lot of [my] work better now than I did it before, because I think that I have a much more profound awareness of sensory composition and space. It’s not a question of ignoring sight – I had 20 years of experience, plus all my life in general, focusing on the visual stuff. I can still draw what a building looks like. What’s more unusual is being able to communicate what a space sounds like, or how it fits your grip. Right now the whole architectural pedagogy is visual. Our toolset is so visually minded."

"The [headquarters for the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired] centre is three floors in a high-rise building and we’ve installed new staircases between the floors. If you’re blind, you rely on the acoustics to understand the architecture around you. In the case of a stairwell that means relying on being able to hear other people going up and down the stairs, but also the conversations going on above and below you. Using metal treads would have been too noisy, so we chose a dense wood with a nice solid sound. A thud, not a clink. I’m always listening to architecture now. I tap my cane as I go into a space. I listen to find the orientation of the space; Is it high? Is it long? Where is there an opening? You can hear all of that by echolocation. I wanted to be able to test all these things in advance, because after a building’s built, it’s too late to alter them."

[We now use] "a sound lab where they take the three-dimensional models that architects make and, by inputting all of the material characteristics, they can render it so you can hear the space before it’s built. [...] You can go into their sound lab and hear what it will be like to be in, say, that music hall before it’s built. You can hear the difference between different wall finishes, different construction layers, what happens when you add carpet on the floor, even different finishes on the seats. Everyone else does animated walk-throughs of their buildings. This is the same principle, but in this case you’re hearing how it is to walk through the building."

View the full article at Cos Magazine.

Why architects need to use their ears (Source:

Because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed. Julian Treasure sounds a call to action for designers to pay attention to the “invisible architecture” of sound.

Acoustar™ Work Health & Safety Training Centre

Noise Measurement Services is pleased to introduce the Acoustar™ training programs for competency in Work, Health & Safety; Noise and Noise Management.

Acoustar is a training provider registered by the Australian Skills Quality authority (ASQA) to deliver vocational education and training (VET) in BSB41415, Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS), as well as practical, competency based noise and noise management programs MSS025008 - Monitor and Evaluate Noise and MSS027008 - Coordinate noise management activities.

Become a 'Competent Person'

Block Courses are available for specialist topics such as the building noise testing components and the audiometric components requiring “hands-on” training. Acoustar offers a pathway to becoming qualified as a ‘Competent Person’ for Workplace Noise Assessments, Environmental Noise Measurement & Assessment, and Noise Management

Visit Acoustar Online

For further information regarding any of the Acoustar™ training programs, please visit Acoustar online at

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RTO Registration ID Code 41013

Studio 6 Digital

Noise Measurement Services are pleased to represent Studio Six Digital in Australia.

Studio Six Digital offer professional audio test & measurement products for Apple iOS devices, based around their AudioTools App. We also offer a range of BSWA microphones that can be used in conjunction with the Studio Six Digital iAudioInterface2.

NMS Online Store

Hardware such as the iTestMic and iAudioInterface2, as well as BSWA microphones and other accessories can be purchased from our Online Store.

Prices do not include IEC Calibration Certificate.
All prices include GST and are shipped with a Tax Invoice.
Price current January 2015. Price subject to change without notice.

Please contact us with any questions you might have!

AudioTools Software

AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement app that gives you a comprehensive set of tools on your iOS mobile device. Perfect for A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves pro audio.

Please download our AudioTools Manual (PDF) for more in-depth infomation.

Our Team

Meet the team at NMS.

Max Thorne (LLB)


Max is the Chief Executive Officer of Noise Measurement Services Pty Ltd.

He is a qualified barrister and solicitor and has had responsibility for managing a large number of proceedings, including negotiated settlements, researching and advising on civil procedure, preparing briefs for Counsel, and conducting complex procedural matters at District and High Court Level in New Zealand. He has also specialized in Civil Litigation including contractual disputes, building and construction. In England he worked as Financial Controller to a group of companies directed by Harvey Goldsmith CBE, Concert Promoter.

Max has represented the National Environmental Noise Service (advisor to the Ministry of Health, New Zealand) at the World Health Organisation Expert Task Force Meeting on Guidelines for Community Noise.

Dr Robert Thorne (PhD)


Bob is the Principal of Noise Measurement Services and CEO of Acoustar WHS Training Centre.

He has extensive knowledge and expertise in environmental policy development, developing environmental management systems and land use planning. He also has considerable experience in the fields of environmental ethics and community consultation and is an expert witness in court in the field of the human perception of sound (psychoacoustics). Bob holds a PhD from Massey University New Zealand in health science (Assessing intrusive noise and low amplitude sound). His research work involved using advanced specialized technology for intrusive noise assessment and noise monitoring systems with simplified data analysis and information retrieval protocols. A specific application is personalized sound reinforcement for hearing assistive devices.

Joshua Dyer (B. Env Tech, Cert IV WH&S)

Senior Acoustician

Josh is a Senior Consultant with Noise Measurement Services.

He has a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in environmental noise assessment, occupational noise assessments, and noise monitoring systems. He is primarily involved with field and survey work, and noise modelling. Josh has attended the distributors training course for Olive Tree Lab Terrain noise prediction software for sound path analysis.

Matthew Dever (B. Audio, Cert IV WH&S)

Senior Acoustician

Matt is a Senior Consultant with Noise Measurement Services.

He has worked in the field of acoustics since 2007, specialising in environmental noise modelling and entertainment noise assessments. Matthew possesses a keen interest in room acoustics that goes hand in hand with his experience and knowledge of sound recording and live sound reinforcement. Matthew has trained with Larson Davis and is certified for service and repair of the Model 831 and LXT sound level meters.

Geoff Renison (Cert IV WH&S)


Geoff is an Acoustic Consultant with Noise Measurement Services.

Geoff joined the team in 2013 conducting field surveys for various industrial, construction and workplace projects. He has since undertaken hundreds of noise surveys and has also studied Work Health & Safety and Noise Management. Geoff specialises in industrial noise and possesses a keen understanding of various noise policies and their interaction with each other.

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